Monday, June 2, 2014

Productive Sunday

I was on a roll.... started with a great round of golf in the morning, then hit the workshop.  I completed two pieces of fabric for the new winter coat.  I made 6 sets of dryer balls, as they are selling well at Pamela's in Jordan Village.  Then still not tired, I made a new nuno felt vest.  The vest is made in one piece (no sewing) using a resist.  I have made 5 of these over the last couple of weeks, and they will end up at Pamela's too.
 The vest has lots of beading and sequins embedded in the fabric.  Super light weight, and crazy warm.
 Here is the coat.  I assembled it this morning, and I love the finished product.  You can see it (and buy it) on etsy.
 Funny to model it in my short jeans and the warm sunny day.  Too warm to wear it today!

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PP said...

LOVE THEM!!! So creative and unique - BRAVO Shish! xo