Friday, August 1, 2014

Winter is well underway?

I have been busy making my winter stock.... nuno felt coats, and full size, winter coats!  New this year on Etsy, and at Pamela's in a few weeks are beautiful hand felted winter coats, embellished with silk, and beaded vintage sarees.  The photos look cool, but in person the textures really POP.

 Above is the spring, fall or indoor weight nuno felt jacket....  Below are two very warm winter coats (it is a hot summer morning, and I am modelling winter coats!!)
 yes, you can see they are all Aspen Approved, as great bird perches.
I have a burgundy winter coat in the works, and stock materials for a purple, denim, and two more blacks!  I also have several more complete sarees for the light weight coat, that already sells very well at Pamela's.

Please visit my Etsy store (upper right corner link) or Pamela's in early September. (Pam also has lots of scarves, vests and dryer balls for sale right now).  Let's everyone start WEARING their favourite ART!

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Barb. G. said...

Hi! Thanks for the pattern for twisted shrug. Love all your patterns beautiful work!