Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wide Wale Corduroy Infinity Scarf

This is a quick knit and easy for those who love knitting on circular needles. The fat ridges remind me of the wide wale corduroys I had as a teenager.  (in the days when we were not allowed to wear jeans to school, they were the "cool" option).  Enjoy!

Wide Wale Corduroy Infinity Scarf

Yarn:  Soft chunky weight yarn, mine is a silk blend in rusty tweed.  Approximately 150 grams.
Gauge: 12 sts to 4 inches on 6mm (US 10).
Needles:  6mm (US 10) circular 36 inches. (or size to get the gauge)  + stitch marker

Scarf:   Cast on 130 stitches.  Carefully join without twisting (place a marker to mark end of row) and knit 4 rows. 
[Purl 4 rows, Knit 4 rows] repeat this 8 row pattern until 9 purl ridges are completed (9 wide wales).  Cast off loosely all stitches.  Weave in ends.

Wash gently to block.


Anonymous said...

What yarn did you use?

chris said...

Hi Beverly. The yarn was a hand dyed, hand spun from a craft show long ago. Sorry, no name for you. Any soft chunky yarn will do for this project.

Unknown said...

How wide should infinity scarf be?

Unknown said...

How wide should I knit an infinity SCARF