Friday, February 27, 2015

Puesta de Sol

I give you a peak at the newest art project.  It is a vessel method three dimensional fish, representing the colours and culture of the Caribbean nations.  The brights remind me of the houses and decorations and whimsical style of the people.  The fun and humour and relaxed attitudes.  The dark is the clear, calm and magical nights.  I can hear the ocean and the music and the sway of the palms.

 The body is worked with a resist inside, and lots of design features.  Nuno felt and hidden pockets that will reveal white fibre underneath.
 I had to fold the piece to work with the tail, as the whole thing was too wide for my table.
 Everything was attached during the initial felting stage, two layers of tail, separated by plastic sheeting, each tail with resist inserts to allow ruffling of the colour over the black fibre.
 Hanging it for photos... 20 inches of snow to climb through on my deck!
 and it was -12C....
 so I came inside to finish.  Here it stays in my Florida room.
Puesta de Sol, means sunset in spanish.  The time when the colourful hot days turn into the warm beautiful evening.