Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sock Yarn Shawl

My wonderful new friends at have sent me some of my favourite sock yarn to play with, and I have decided to create a new shawl pattern with this yarn.

 I will create a design the shows off the thick stripes of this particular colourway, the Grey Brown Marl Kroy, and will post the pattern on a future entry.  Meanwhile if you would like easy access to a great mail order site, please pop over to, and pick up four balls of Kroy for this shawl project, or two balls of Kroy for my most knit pattern: The Best Sock Pattern Ever!
Here is another photo of The best sock pattern ever, featuring an old colourway of Kroy Sock Yarn.  Kroy yarn has been my "go to" yarn for socks, as it is durable, washable and stands up to many years of wear, and it has great colours every year.  This pattern fits well and even beginners seem to "get" the heel turn (sometimes with a little local yarn shop help). 
See you in a couple of weeks with the finished shawl!  Happy knitting.


Minnasnowtan said...

Beautiful yarn! I think I might try your sock pattern. I've always done cuff down and this look to be toe-up so that might give me a fun new challenge. They are great looking socks!

Doreen B said...

Bought the yarn back in April and am patiently waiting for your pattern. How is it going?

chris said...

Hi Doreen, I finished the shawl, but have procrastinated in posting. So sorry! I sold my house, and bought a new one, and did two months of renovations (hands on) then moved! We are just now finally settled in and back to normal (almost), so thanks for the post, it reminds me where I left off!
Coming within a week, promise!

Diane said...

Hi Chris, I want to make your shrug with a twist and am using yarn that I have it's called impecable medium number 4 yarn, not sure how you want us to do the gauge, you say gauge: 12 sts = 4 inches, I get 18 stitches for 4 inches. Not sure what to do at this point? I have about 6 inches done and the piece measures currently about 18 inches wide with 62 stitches if I keep knitting up to 80 I will have about 23 inches on the needles? Do you think this is okay?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


chris said...

Hi Diane, If your gauge is really 18 instead of 12, you will have a really cropped shrug... The gauge is important to the final fit of the top. Because it is knit sleeve cuff to sleeve cuff, your measurement across the needles is the total length of the back PLUS the front. It will be too "short" in length.
Retry again with larger needles to get the right gauge, or use a chunkier yarn that knits to the right gauge.
That's my advise.
Cheers, Chris