Friday, January 12, 2018


Well, you did it.  You read my blog enough times to push me over FOUR MILLION HITS!
Thank you.  It is quite overwhelming to me, and I still have not become tired of reading the comments, and emails.  The happy comments delight me, the critical ones keep me humble and help with pattern corrections (thanks for those), and the photos of finished works .... I can't say enough about those. There is such an amazing community of knitters in our big wide world.

                                           Thank you.

And to keep you up to date.... I made seven pairs of socks, four knitted hats, golf club covers, and many felted items for Christmas gifts this year, as well as sewing faces and seaming all these finger puppets for my clown.  My knitting group did the brunt of the knitting, but pass them to me to finish.
They will bring a moment of happiness to kids away from their homes and favourite toys in our local kids ward.
Don't forget charity knitting in your group, or even on your own.  My Poppets pattern is free to use, so try it out, and drop them off at a local hospital.

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Alka Gudadhe said...

Seeing so many puppets I am inspired to make them. Thanks for sharing.