Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Works in the works...

I am done the swatch (sleeve) of the cape collar jacket, and have started on the back. The cable section will be done on 4mm needles and a few more stitches to allow for the elastic behavior of the esprit yarn. I hope it works.

The finger puppet pack for March is ready to deliver to my clown... 20 pairs of kids and puppies, all bagged and set to take to the hospital. I got some lovely photos of kids with puppets on fingers and smiles on faces, but will not post here, as they need privacy. See story here.

The current sock project is one of my hand dyed yarns, and looks good so far.


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Great googly-moogly. Are you like a knitting dervish?!!! You've finished a scarf, vest, slippers, dyed some yarn, nearly done a sock, and all in the time I've cast on (three times; I can't seem to get it right) a baby sweater. I am humbled by your prowess.

chris said...

I am not sure that sheer volume of knitting makes me a dervish, but I admit I am obsessed. That and the fact that both kids have finally left the nest, leaves more time to knit... Just think what I could do when I retire from my day job! :)