Sunday, March 30, 2008

Painting,Step by Step.

I have never taken photos of my paintings at different stages of done-ness, but thought it may be fun to see the bicycle and balloon "appear" on the canvas. The subject was from a photograph I found on the Web and the whole image just made me happy, so I thought I would enjoy painting it. The painting is on a 20" by 16" canvas, with acrylic paints.

The end result pleases me. The old fashion bike and the romantic sentiment are things I find charming and timeless. I think it will make me smile for many years.


jeanius said...

this is lovely! i used to paint, but haven't for many years, and now don't have the space to. I hope to do it again. Thanks for sharing your painting at various steps... you are very talented!

chris said...

Thank you for the kind words. I hope I can inspire you and others to pick up the paint brushes again. I just get lost in the process, it's a joy. (and the end result is cool too!)