Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cold Winds on my Golf Course

The last week has been a challenge for this die hard golfer... I have accepted that fall is here, and with it comes chilly winds and cold temperatures. Last weekend we had highs of only 12 to 15 C, (50 to 60F for my USA knitting friends). With the strong winds it felt quite cool. I have now placed winter golf gloves back in my bag, a cashmere (knit by me) touque to fit over my ball cap, and wind proof jacket. I am now wearing knitted socks in my golf shoes and this photo shows me on a sunny but cold day (Monday) in my Noro Turtleneck. The sweater looks great on the course, no?

The next few days will be much nicer at around 20C (70F) but it will only last a few days.

So unpack your woolies and hit the links, there are still lots of rounds left in this season, even if the cold wind blows... I plan to play until my course turns white!

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