Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stash Trinkets

When I finished the Colinette Coat, what remained was small bits of precious Colinette left-overs. These are different from regular left overs that may be used to darn old sweaters or stitch up seams of new ones, or more likely drift to the bottom corners of you stash basket/ drawer/ plastic tote/ or cedar chest (wherever you have your extra yarn - you know you won't use it but you also won't throw it out - it's YARN for gosh sakes and obviously irreplacable!) Colinette yarn is beautiful, even if it is only 6 feet long. The colours change so quickly and the yarn itself is wool and texture, without even being knit, it is a work of art.
I found some plastic bangles at the local junk jewelry and accessories shop (the one the tweens frequent) and brought them home. With a glue gun, and the lovely yarn, I wrapped the yarn around the bangles and created these...
Use any yarn that has great colours or great texture or both. Start with a dab of glue and secure the end to the underside of bangle, then wrap tightly, overlapping a bit if it is ribbon type like the Tagliatelli on the thinner one. Every 4th or 5th wrap put a dab of glue on the underside, just to keep the yarn from sliding too much while wearing it. Then use a bit of glue at the end to secure and cut the yarn.

*warning about hot is hot (duh) and you only need a tiny spot to hold the yarn in place. Do not try to put the glue all along the bangle... it will cool and make a mess and your yarn may stick to the wrong spot. Just place a dot under the yarn just before you wrap that spot. Less is more and less is less burned fingers!

I hope you are inspired to dig to the bottoms of your stash bins and make a few of these. They look great when worn with sweater!

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sweetp said...

I LOVE these. Very very cool