Sunday, January 25, 2009

Detour, Change of Direction

As often happens with the best mind-plans, when it comes down to execution of said design, the patterns don't always work the way you think they will... this is well known to me, and usually does not deter me from plunging ahead and trying something new. The cable cardigan in the "round" has been the test of this method. I had no problems with the body and the sleeves, but come to the change of direction and the joining and continuing of the yoke, well, just suffice it to say that there was some ripping out and picking up of cable stitches across more than 350 stitches on large circular needles, then re-knitting, then a whole sideways cable piece that was knit once for 9 inches, then ripped because I thought it too plain, then re-knit for the entire length, then attached to body, then stitches picked up and knit again, then.... I didn't like it at all.
Then more ripping and more calculating and more picking up and more knitting....
and I am somewhat, cautiously optimistic that I may have, possibly, found the design that will stick with this one.... I hope!
Meanwhile, at the construction zone, we are having great success with the beautiful floors, and I now have my living room done and a temporary small rug down, waiting for the perfect rug to be found.... notice the close up of the hardwood beneath the cable cardigan.

The only room left is the kitchen, and so this is how it looks today, but hubby is hard at work and a big chunk of this will be done today. The trickiest part will be the island, and meeting up evenly on the other side.... he's good though, and I have no doubts that it will come together more smoothly than my #$!@* cable cardigan. :)

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