Sunday, April 12, 2009

Silk Lace Summer Cardigan

Silky, Lacey, Summer Cardigan....

From a huge skein of hand dyed wool/silk came this idea. Light and lacey, knit on fine needles. You can use any sport or lace weight that knits to gauge. Approximately 250 grams should do it.
Size: fits 36 - 38 inch bust.... sorry just one size right now (working on re-writing ALL my patterns)
Needles: 3.5 mm
Gauge: 24 sts and 32 rows = 4 inches. (stocking stitch)
Back: cast on 96 sts.
Rib K2, P2 for 8 inches. Change to lace pattern stitch. 11 stitch repeat, 12 row repeat. Or USE A LACE PATTERN OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING!
Knit 3, start chart and repeat across until 5 sts remain, P2, then K3.
Continue in this pattern until the piece measures 15 inches. Armhole Shaping: Bind off 5 sts at the start of next 2 rows. Decrease one stitch each side, every other row 5 times.
Continue until armhole measures 9 inches. Bind off all stitches.

Front: Make 2, reversing shaping for left front.
Cast on 48 sts. Work in k2, p2 ribbing for 8 inches. Change to lace pattern stitch, and work until 15 inches. Cast off 5 sts from left edge side, and decrease one stitch every other row 5 times from the same edge (armhole shaping). Work straight on this edge for rest of piece. At the same time, when front measures 17 inches, shape neckline: bind off 14 sts from right edge, then 2 sts off on next right edge, then decrease one stitch every other row 5 times. Work even in lace pattern until same length as back and bind off all stitches.
Sleeves: Cast on 74 sts, and work k2,p2 rib for 1.5 inches. Switch to lace pattern and work for 3 inches in lace pattern, increasing one stitch each side every fourth row, 4 times. Armhole shaping: Bind off 5 sts each side, then decrease one stitche each end every other row, until sleeve cap measures 5.5 inches. Bind off 5 sts at the start of next 4 rows, then bind off all the rest of stitches.
Sew shoulder seams, pick up and knit neck edge: about 120 sts. Work in k2, p2, rib for 1.25 inches and bind off all. Pick up from front edge: 88 sts. Work in k2, p2 ribbing for 1.25 inches, bind off all. On buttonhole side, cast off 2 sts, evenly spaced on the 3rd row, and cast on 2 sts on the next row over those spots, to make button holes.

Sew on sleeves and sew side seams. Find some great buttons and attach.
Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

It's so pretty! :) One day I'll be able to knit stuff like that :)

cindystubbs said...

Is this dk yarn?

chris said...

No. It is finer than DK. Usually called sport or lace weight. Best to do a swatch for this one...

Valerie said...

It's beautiful!!! I absolutely love it!

Unknown said...

Brainbody... This is really an easy pattern. Lace is a lot simpler than it looks. Give it a try, you'll surprise yourself.

kchzion said...

v beautiful. pls do get the pattern it for bigger sizes.

Joys junk said...

I am making your silk lace summer cardi. So far it is beautiful, but I have come to decreasing for arm holes. I have no idea how to decrease in a lace pattern. I have googled it but they mainly say work it out on your own. I have no idea how to do that! Can you help. Thanks!

chris said...

The best way to do it, if you have not already just "got" the lace pattern, and can "see" the pattern.... is to print the 11 stitch repeat a couple of times, and mark the paper 5 stitches in, where the decreases will end up, try to keep the first and last two stitches as stocking stitch, and just follow the partial pattern as you have marked it, doing full repeats in between the outside partial repeats. This sounds complicated, but if you LOOK at the pattern and keep the lace lined up with the patterns below, it will work.
OR, take to a yarn shop or another knitter, and have them watch you over the 5 decrease rows.
hope that helps, chris

Joysjunk said...

I have come up with another question. On the front, you cast on 48 stitches. After the rib pattern, it says change to the lace pattern. Do I knit 3 at the beginning of row or just start the pattern? Either way, the stitches don't come out right for 48 stitches. Thanks for you're help.

Gardengate said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern. I've been looking for a nice cardigan pattern, think I can make the sleeves longer for a winter wear?

chris said...

Hi Gardengate, you could make the sleeves longer, by waiting to start the increases until you have knit long enough to be about 2 inches above your elbow... custom knitting... I love your thinking!
cheers, Chris