Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sewing Again... and loving it!

Knitting again takes the backseat to other things, and in the past 24 hours I have: Replaced a full length zipper in a Calvin Klein "little black dress", refitted a bridesmaid dress (side seams and shoulder straps re-adjusted), hemmed one pair of pants, repaired the zipper in another, took in the side seams of another pant and a skirt, and refitted a button front shirt, and lastly sewed a new button on a favourite old pair of jeans.... (and I also worked in the office for 6 hours)

and none of these repairs / restructures were for me! I just mentioned that I may be interested in resurrecting my dressmaking business, and 3 friends were quick to book my time!

When I was home with my baby children (eons ago in the dark ages), I made a decent income from making wedding dresses. Word of mouth had 8 - 10 wedding parties a year, complete with bridesmaid gowns and mother of the bride dresses, and flowergirls too. I packed it in when I started working full time with hubby, and it has been almost 20 years since the shingle was over the door. I now contemplate re-opening this business in another year, as my days at the office will be tapered down to one or two!
The photos are from my sisters wedding in 1984, and the wedding dress and the bridesmaid (me)dresses (in the extremely contemporary "teal")were my launch into the formal dressmaking business. The sketches are from 3 other wedding parties in the late 80's. The black and white vertical stripe one was 6 gowns and they all had full crinolines underneath.... stunning.

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