Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Ramblings

Busy week. Tuesday I skipped golf to make a run into Toronto for a piece of equipment for the office... an elusive part that has been out of commission for 3 weeks, and has made our $40,000 retinal camera more or less a bulky doorstop. Now we are able to use it and the Doc' is much happier!
Since I was out that way, I stopped in at Len's, and found this lovely spring green Butterfly cotton, and have cast on a new little tank top. It should be a quick project and perfect for summer. (Len's also has a HUGE selection of fabrics, quilting cottons and everything else, so it IS a candy shop for me. You need to be prepared to dig around, it is an outlet, but there are bargains to be found) I also found some amazing fabric for a blouse - $7 for 2 meters!
Here is a photo of the Medallion Cardigan (on a chair, since I was too cold to put on the appropriate camisole to model properly)

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Linda said...

I had my first experience with the optical retinal camera yesterday ... quite the fascinating thing.
Lovely medallion cardigan.