Friday, June 5, 2009

Annual Tent Sale

As we did last year, my whole knitting group trekked to Ancaster for the annual Tent Sale held by the amazing gals at The Needle Emporium. A line up outside the door did not intimidate us. We rushed in with empty HUGE bags and quickly grabbed all the goodies. There were merinos and silks and cashmere, and Noro and Colinette and Rowan and Debbie Bliss... all the marvels that delight any knitter, all in one place and all 60 - 75% off....

So here is this years haul.

11 skeins of colinette tagliatelli - usually $29 for $6 each. 10 Noro silk mountain, 30 skeins (3 bags) of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, and 6 skeins of Debbie Bliss pure silk($3 a skein - it's ok to weep with joy at such a price!), 6 Rowan wool cotton in an amazing celery colour, and 3 Trendstter Treasure.

Even today, 24 hours later, I am still on a fibre high. Just to look at this stash and touch the fibres and absorb the colours, just yummy.
And even though there will likely be a momentary "ouch" when my credit card bill comes in, the knowledge that I snagged almost a thousand dollars of precious yarn for about $250 , and I will be happily knitting my favourites until February 2010, well that will make it all just fine.

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