Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Finches

Welcome to the Chris Knits home, a pair of new Shaft Tailed Finches... named Wallace and Grommit. (although it is entirely possible I have a Wallace and Gwendolyn, but I will keep all posted!)

My lone surviving Zebra finch, who was almost 8 years old and has been alone for almost 2 years, finally passed away last week. I did not want to add new young ones to his cage as the young'uns tend to terrorize the senior birds. (a bit like humans, no?)
Here is one last photo of Ben (previously of Ben and Jerry). RIP my fine chirpy friend....

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Anonymous said...

So sorry of Bens passing.

Love your website. Very inspiring. I am new at this computer bussiness but am determined to keep plugging along. Look forward to see what comes next. I spent quit a while looking over your site and it makes me want to knit knit knit.