Monday, July 20, 2009

Lots of knitting, nothing dramatic to show

I have three projects on the go, but not exciting photos and not enough done to model, so here is a small piece of the new Noro Aurora cardigan...

and here are photos of the new Turtle Resort in our basement...!
The turtles are visiting (we are turtle-sitting) as Robin is away and can't take them with her on her internship... they moved in with their 60 gallon tank and all the gear May first, and will likely be staying for about a year, since she is on the move that much until she graduates. My husband decided they need more action, and built and pond on a drop cloth with rocks outside and in, so that they can go in and out as they wish... and after the first day, they had it down to busy wanderings, then rewetting, then wandering...

The towel is for them to wipe their feet as they leave the pond!
It's a busy week, with golf tuesday and visitors wednesday and out of town thursday, then away for a girls weekend of yarn shopping and outlet malls.... photos will surely follow over that one!

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