Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update, Photos of Yarn, and Works in Progress

I find myself embracing several projects at once, and thereby finishing nothing quickly... and I am fighting the urge to cast on three more projects AND start some major sewing and painting pieces at the same time. I have held it to four knit works, and have promised to finish at least three before casting on more. All this at a time when I have little time to knit, most of my time is spent at work and at golf and after the minimum (seriously minimum ) housework, I have but an hour or two a day to work on these four things... and even less time to blog about them!

So here are two of the works I am nearing completion.

The Noro Aurora cropped cardigan, knit side to side, I have passed the midpoint and am barrelling towards the left sleeve. I will have a generous ribbed bottom edge and neckline to do after, but it is coming along fine.

The hand spun lace with beads scarf.... almost done, as I took this for the road trip to Pennsylvania and did about 4 feet of it. I have the ends to sew in, but it already looks cool, even before finishing and blocking.

And the Urge to cast on more, came with the purchases made in Lancaster....

Gorgeous hand dyed merino alpaca from shibuiknits. Three skeins could be a great scarf or mitts and hat.

Lana Bambu, a wool and bamboo from Cascade Yarns. Definitely a hat waiting to be knit.

The last is a pound of handspun pure alpaca in the natural taupe-brown of the actual alpaca. It has the most amazing soft feel and once you touch it, you would not be able to put it back on the shelf... you would HAVE to bring it home and put it in a crystal bowl on the coffee table and look at it and touch it and dream sweet dreams of amazing soft garments knit from it.... mmmmm. (sorry, I ramble, but clearly this yarn has moved me.)

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Love your website. Am new to the computer. Can't wait to see what comes next

The lady that loves to knit.