Thursday, August 6, 2009

Suddenly two things done!

You plug away at lots of projects, too many on the go at once, and it seems to take forever, then within 24 hours I finish TWO things and I am a day away from done a third!! Must be some mysterious knitterly time warp or something. Here are the Noro Cardigan and the Hand Spun Lace Scarf on the drying rack, waiting for buttons and ends sewn in...
Patterns will be posted this weekend, and the final photos of the Ribbon Pullover, that is almost done too... This is the best time. You see the results and get to try on the cool new stuff, AND you can guilt-free start planning the next big project, the next masterpiece, the next one-of-a-kind fabulous creation, the elusive PERFECT knit! Anticipation is half the fun!

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