Thursday, August 13, 2009


I wanted to make some warm, soft mittens, and maybe a scarf to match... The inspiration was some hand dyed Merino Alpaca from Shi Bui, purchased from Lancaster Yarn Shop.
It is a thick, soft yarn with well defined stitches.
Yarn: Merino Alpaca (ShiBui) 3 skeins in green - 100 grams, 120m, per skein
Needles: 5mm (US 8), 5 mm double points for working the mittens in the round.
Make Stitch /or/ Make One: make a new stitch here in any way you want. Here are some ways.

Pattern: start with scarf, cast on 20 stitches. Row 1: Knit across. Row 2: K2, Purl 16, K2.
Repeat these two rows (maintaining the 2 stitch garter stitch borders on the sides) until 12 rows are done.
Reverse pattern: (right side facing) Row 1: K2, Purl 16, K2. Row 2: K across this row. Work these two rows for 12 rows, then reverse back to original 12 row pattern. Keep repeating this two block pattern over and over until you have about 7 feet. You want enough length to wrap once around the neck and still reach all the way to your hands without being too tight!
Mittens: Right Hand... with right side facing at the end of the scarf... Rib across... K1, P1 for 20 stitches. Place a marker on needle and cast on 12 new stitches. Take these 32 stitches and place them on 3 double points to start knitting in the round. Join in a circle (without twisting stitches) and continue to work ribbing (K1, P1), for 3 inches. Keep moving the marker, it marks the start of the row. After 3 inches of ribbing, work in knits only for 5 rows. Then start thumb: After marker: Knit one, Make stitch, knit one, make stitch, then knit rest of row.
Next and all even rows: Knit all stitches.
Third row: after marker: knit one, Make one, knit 3, make one, knit across rest of row.
Fifth row: after marker: Knit one, make one, knit 5, make one, knit across rest of row.
Seventh row: after marker: Knit one, make one, knit 7, make one, knit across rest of row.
Ninth row: after marker: Knit one, make one, knit 9, make one, knit across rest of row.
Work one more row knitting all stitches.
Next row: after marker: knit one, slip next 11 stitches onto stitch holder, cast on one new stitch and knit across the rest of row.
Continue to knit around the mitten for another 4 inches (32 stitches around).
Shape top of mitten: [Knit 2, knit 2 together] acoss the row. Next row [knit 2, knit 2 together] across the row. Next row [Knit 1, knit 2 together] across the row. Cut yarn and gather remaining 6 stitches and securely close.

Thumb: with double point needles: arrange the 11 stitches, and pick up 4 more stitches from the opening in the mitten. Work around on the double points for almost 2 inches, then Knit 2 together around the thumb until only 4 stitches are left, cut yarn and thread tail through remaining stitches to secure.

Left mitten: Pick up all the stitches from the other end of the scarf (make sure the right side is facing you.) Cast on 12 new stitches and split them onto the double point needles. Place your marker before the last 2 cast on stitches. Work in K1, P1 ribbing for 3 inches. Now work 5 rows in knit stitches, then start the thumb insert in the same manner as the right mitten, inserting it after the marker. After you place the thumb on holder, continue to knit the 32 stitches for the same length as right mitten, and close the top in the same way too.
Work thumb the same as right mitten.


The Needle Beetle said...

Ooh, this is so cool! I think I will have to knit some of these for my relatives who live in places that have cold winters . . . thanks SO much for the pattern!!

StickLena =KnitLena said...

I am very fond of this pattern and like to thank you now, don´t know if I will use it but wish to!

Mare said...

I happen to love ALL of your patterns, but this is the first time I have seen this one. It is definitely on my to do list, for myself and a few others, before winter comes round again!

Leny said...

Thank you for this wonderful idea ! Love it !
I'm going to make one for myself for when I have to deliver Post and Newspapers. I see myself using this scarf with mittens very often while delivering. It looks very "handy" !!