Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Weekend Summary

Coming soon from Elann is one of my favourite cotton yarns, on sale in a whole bag deal (10 balls for under $20!).... released on September 29.
This yarn, Esprit, has been used by me to make my fave pullover, the pattern is posted here.
I also used it to make my total ripoff Julius Sweater... pattern NOT posted, but if you can draw on knitting graph paper, you too can rip off a design... :)

The yarn is cotton, but has a stretch to it (lycra) and it really holds its shape, without sagging or stretching the way most cottons do.
This long weekend Monday caps off a week of endless golf and golf watching.... I played 5 new courses as their "guest" while our course hosted the Canadian Tour Pro's Championship. I also came to watch the pro's make amazing shots on my course. We played today, post tournament, with the course left in the condition for the professionals.... fast greens, really long rough, and all the flowers and scoreboards and everything (except the roar of the crowds). It played very tough today, but tomorrow we will be back to the gentle giant we know and love... yay!

Here are some shots of the players on the course...

Back to normal on the course, at work, and more time to knit... Lots more warm weather still, I hope, but we do have to deal with Fall and Winter, so time to start knitting warm things.

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