Sunday, September 20, 2009

Noro Silk Garden Basketweave Sweater

I have been busy this week weaving the basket for the pieces of this pattern...

I love the way the colours surprise me in every row of diagonal blocks. This is the first pattern of this type that I have tried, and it is tricky. You need to actually pay attention to the side of the work you are on, and to the direction you are going (you need to keep turning the piece and it's easy to lose track!).
Lots more to do, so no other projects on the go. I have plans for a new hat for the cold golf weather coming up (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino), and for another Noro project, a vest I think... my own pattern. I also have some sewing projects lined up. As fall hits and winter threatens, my thoughts go to warm and wooly things... I was wearing a scarf on the golfcourse this morning, since the day started at 6C (45F)... but it quickly reached a nice 18C(70F) and the layers were pealed off every 4 holes until I was in short sleeves! Good thing my golf bag has lots of pockets.

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