Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mail-Yarn and Bobble Scarf

I whipped up the bobble scarf in ONE HOUR!... it is only 5 stitches wide and four feet long, and light and cute!

I also got some mail-yarn while away, and here it is. It is from Elann, ordered days before my trip on a huge full bag sale. 10 balls of Elle Elite, wool-cotton DK yarn in teak for $15! (sorry, sold out quickly). It has a cottony feel, but is 50% wool, so should be warm and easy to knit. I am planning a short sleeve, cowl neck pullover, maybe with a bit of a pattern stitch to amuse me. Still have some gift knitting to finish, so may be a bit delayed on this one.

1 comment:

crazycrafter said...

I want a pattern for this scarf! This is SOOO cool! And only one hour? Even better! =) Blessings,
Hannah, age 12