Monday, November 16, 2009

Lost and Found

While I can't show the work in progress (Christmas surprises) I do have a cute tale to tell.
Rick and I were golfing on Sunday, and it was a bit overcast, so he was trying to find his non-tinted glasses (the ones he keeps in his golf bag for days when he can't wear his sunglasses - which he also keeps in his golf bag). They were not there! Rick always has two sets of glasses in his golf bag to cover all weather conditions, and had used the sunglasses almost exclusively for the last few weeks (lucky us, a sunny fall). So he grabbed one pair from the car (of course he has clear and sunglasses there too!). As we played, he wondered where he could have left these glasses. He came to the conclusion over breakfast at the club, that he may have wandered into the club with them, and removed them to eat a meal, then left them on the table by accident. I asked which frames they were (he has so many) and he thought the black metal with the plastic arms. While he was changing shoes in the locker room, I asked the waitress to check the lost and found for black frames.... There were not in the basket where they toss the lost glasses, although there were LOTS of lost glasses! Oh well.
As our meal arrived, the hostess (knowing we were in the glasses business) asked if we knew where they could donate these lost glasses to a good cause, and I told her we collected them up and sent them twice a year to Cuba and India, and other points of need. With our check came a bag of specs for donation!
When we got home, Rick found the black glasses in the Truck (two more pairs there) and realised that the missing golf bag glasses were the rimless brown frames. The waitress did not look for THAT frame.... so we opened the donated bag of glasses ... and there they were!!!
Funny how things sometimes work out.....

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