Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fraternal Socks

I finished two pairs of the Christmas knitting socks, and love the feel and sturdy softness of the yarn I used... Patons Kroy Sock Fx. The only thing is, they are impossible to match exactly, making a pair of related socks that are not twins, but more fraternal.

The green colour is most obvious, and in two balls of yarn, I could not confirm a repeat in pattern at all. The grey ones are also non repeating, but it is not as obvious.

I have a hat to knit, with a lovely wool and bamboo yarn I got on my Lancaster - Intercourse trip in July. It has always been destined to be a hat, but it wasn't until yesterday, when the freezing cold wind was whipping in my ears as I ran from the car to the YMCA, that I remembered I had this warm hat almost ready to wear (actually haven't started it, but how long could one hat take to knit?). I want a snug warm band around my head with a bit slouchy top part, so as not to mess up my hair too much.... I think it should only take a day, so look for the pattern tomorrow or Monday. Tomorrow is likely to be a knitting/watching football day, as most of my Christmas shopping is done!

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crazycrafter said...

I think that random-striping sock yarn is very cool! Happy sock knitting! Blessings,
Hannah, age 12