Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic Knitting?

I have been working on a simple but fun decorative scarf.... It is a silk chain link pattern, and I have finished one row of chains, and have started the next row. The third step will be knitting links to join the rows together - photos will follow. Meanwhile, I am watching the Gold Medal round of Ladies Curling (go Canada!) and I realized I had made this....

Cool eh?

The rest of the work in progress looks like this...
and is made of Debbie Bliss, Pure Silk in aqua. So soft. I had tried to design a top with this in the summer, but the yarn is SO droopy and mushy, not good for clothing, but perfect for a scarf to wear flung over shoulders!

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crazycrafter said...

Ok . . . that is so cool. Nice work! Thanks so much for your two blogs.