Saturday, July 17, 2010

hot hot hot

It is still so hot, I am less inspired to knit, but plug away at the alpaca silk cardigan. I finished the front pieces, stitched up the shoulders and picked up the sleeve stitches at the armhole. This is purely laziness on my part, as I can knit the sleeve down to the cuff and avoid having to sew the sleeve into the armhole later. The yarn is soft and drapey, so the straight armhole join is fine (you would need a tapered rounded sleeve top if it weren't so soft). I finished the first sleeve yesterday while watching the British Open on TV. The gallery there were wearing sweaters and even toques (knitted hats for those who are not Canadian). Since I turned up the air conditioner and watched the wind blow cold Scottish air over St. Andrews, it helped inspire my knitting! Today on our golf course it was gale force winds with drizzling rain (like Scotland) but 32 C (89F) .... (NOT like Scotland!).
The sweater will be done soon, and I will be posting an easy (lazy) pattern for you!
(later this weekend...)
Just found and added this cool photo... this is how we all feel around here!

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My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Agree with you on this heat!
Just took a cold shower before I put my shorty pj's on.
Looking forward to your pic's.