Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Knitting in the Dark (yarn)

I have almost finished the back of the black ruffled cardigan. I still am not sure if it will photo well, and it is just a black blob right now, so I will attempt when I have more shapes to show you. The yarn is a fine sport weight merino, it feels really nice and is a thinner weight on 3mm needles.
I am not sure I will have enough yarn to do what I have designed in my head, and will re-assess as the front pieces take form. I may have to add another yarn (maybe a charcoal grey?) to finish the ruffled front and bottom of sleeves. I really like flying by the seat of my knitted pants sometimes. It makes the whole project more exciting and I often end up with different results that the original plan due to yarn stash restrictions.
Stay tuned to see how it evolves.!
Meanwhile I am half writing this and half glued to the gold game of the World Junior Hockey Tourney. It is (almost) in my neighbourhood, being held in Buffalo, just "over the river" from my stomping grounds. As the announcers say, it is hosted by Buffalo, Ontario, thanks to all the Canadian fans that have braved the border line-ups to get to the games.

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My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Unlike yourself, I don't like any surprises near the end of a project.
You are so talented and I know it will be lovely. :0)