Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Heat Continues

The one good thing about having no heat in the house is that I feel the need to sit in one end of the family room, right near the wood burning fireplace, in front of the tv. In this space, I can only knit. No sewing, no felting (no laundry, vacuuming or cleaning for that matter). So I am well on track for finishing the black ruffle cardigan.

I did take a break from the chilly life to go to the fabric store and got some really fabulous buttons for the cardi'. I also found some 100% cashmere yarn on eBay, and got it for a great deal! Right now I am wearing a knit cardigan and a knit coat and a scarf and a knit blanket over my jeans... I should get a photo, I probably look silly, but with the warm laptop over my knees, I am cozy.

Stay tuned for the new cardigan and for me being warm again!

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