Friday, May 27, 2011

Colinette in the Mail!

I decided it has been way too long since I have Colinette yarn in my hands. Every once in a while you want to revisit the essential luxury of the original hand painted yarn. It has a style and colour and unique look like no other yarn. It has been very hard to find this yarn from Wales in the local yarn shops in Canada. And when I did, it was TOO expensive to indulge.

Last weekend, between golf games and sewing projects, I wandered over to the Colinette website, the mill in Wales. How surprised I was to discover they now sell merino top roving dyed to their wonderful colours! An impulse e-shop later and I had 6 -100 grams of ART (wool and bamboo) on the way, along with 150 grams of roving, both in the same colourway (bright charcoal) a lovely mix of grey, black, pink and mauve.

The thought was that I could knit a sweater with the yarn, and make a felted bag, or beret, or nunofelt wrap to match.... The planning is as much fun as the wearing! For those Canadians who have trouble finding Colinette, (or find it too expensive)... you can order directly! It arrived in less than a week! AND it was about $10 for 100 grams! Quite the steal!

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