Friday, June 3, 2011

Colinette ART

I have started the Colinette Art Sweater. I find the yarn wooly but soft and strong (can't break it by pulling on it - that's the bamboo). The yarn is a grey and black and off white, with bits of rose and other small infusions of colours. As always with Colinette, the colours are so pleasing to the eye and the yarn is so pleasing to the hands, it is a joy to knit.

The photo above shows the back so far.

I have to write about a truly extraordinary event. A couple of months ago I met a lovely lady at a local shop. We engaged in crafty talk, after she spotted me in my Nuno-felt coat. She asked me how she should unload a large collection of fine fabrics, collected over many years by her talented seamstress mother, who unfortunately had passed away and left them with her. I suggested eBay or kijiji, one piece at a time, but she felt that was too time consuming and wanted them out by the time she sold her house and moved (imminent). She asked if I could take them off her hands, and make sure they had a purposeful new home.

I was honoured to help, and when she sold her house, she called me to pick up 8 large (and heavy) boxes full of fabrics. Upon sorting them, I find MANY suit weights, including silks, wools and linens. There are lovely cottons and some knits, and a box full of silky lining fabrics. Her mother had amazing taste in colour and fibre content! There were also many upholstery and drapery fabrics.

I thank my new friend for allowing me this treasure. And know that these fabrics will be loved and thoughtfully made into beautiful garments for me, and my friends and family.

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