Saturday, June 18, 2011

Plugging away...

Before I can get to my new Nova Scotia yarn yummies, I have to finish my Colinette cardigan. I have been feverishly at it for days, and I have finished the back, both fronts and am on the first sleeve. I like the feel of this yarn. It is really soft, and very sturdy, so makes a fairly dense fabric. I think it will be best for outdoors or really chilly Canadian winter days indoors.
Meanwhile, I am also sewing up a storm and have made a bustier for a friend, and a casual sundress for me this week. I have 3 tops and 3 shorts in the queue, along with the last 2 bridesmaid alterations, all to be done next week.
I will save the photos of the knitting for the finished product. Stay tuned and keep knitting!

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