Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy, busy...

Here are a few of the Gift Knitting items I have produced in the last week.... I can only show some of the gifts, as they are requested by the favourite friends or family, and since I am making so many socks and slippers, they still may not know WHICH ones will appear under the tree!

The monkey slippers are the Patons pattern (here). They are really quite quick to make and took two full cycles in the hot - heavy duty wash cycle. Buttons for eyes and ultra suede on the soles to prevent slipping finish them off.

The socks are my own favourite pattern (here). Using self striping sock yarns, I have around 8 - 10 pairs to make this season! My tiny bamboo needles are getting a workout (I have to watch they don't catch fire!)

I have also finished a larger garment, and will post the pattern and photos after Christmas.... I hope all your knitting gifts are underway. We need to pace ourselves, no need to add knitting stress! Knitting should be the relaxation after a long stressful day! Kick up your feet and grab a glass of wine (or cocoa) and your needles. Best times!

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