Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Photos

Here are some photos that suggest Christmas is drawing near! The first is something NOT made by me. This little guy came from the Bay, and I love the home made look. It is not easy to find robins, but they hold a special place in my heart....
The second is my Christmas knitting, piled into a two foot high tower! Makes it look like I am making some headway on my gift knitting list!
In the last week, I have been to the golf club three times to work on the Christmas decorating. Today was the last installment, with the front entryway completed. We put up the last huge wreath over the big window, and plugged it in... no lights! We fussed with it, but no luck... So now we have booked another day, to remove the 500 lights, and re-string a new set. About two more hours of work! It made me wonder... how many other festive Christmas decorating moments are spiced with colourful words like the ones that raced through my mind today.
Fah la la la lah... la la la lahhhhh!

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