Sunday, February 12, 2012

Antigua Get-away

You may have figured out that I was away from my blog for a week. We took a break and flew off for Antigua. This was the first time in this small country and we chose an all inclusive resort... The Varandah. All the rooms are little cottages with cute front porch and large varandahs on the back, overlooking quiet Dian Bay, on the Atlantic Ocean. The whole resort is up and down the cliffs of the bay, and you cannot walk 50 yards without walking up or down! There are two sand beaches down on the bay, and the sand is soft, the waves tame (breakwater reef out at the mouth of the bay) and the water warm. Above is the view of the big pool from the buffet restaurant (really good food everyday!)
Above is a RARE photo of me in my bikini! Still got it, eh? Below is a brown pelican that was looking for breakfast while we were on the golf course. He kept diving into the pond and came up with a few fish.
Above is the view from our room, we were up on the hill and can see the bay below and the Atlantic ocean over the next ridge of cottages (not on our resort).
From a kayak, we see the beach and the stairs up to the beach bar, and some of the cottages winding up the cliff.
The cute paths that join all the cottages, all lined with rustling palm trees, providing lots of shade and a cool constant noise!
Above is the Devil's Bridge, a local attraction, where the ocean has pounded the shore relentlessly and carved a cave below and a hole behind the thin "bridge" to the right of the spray!
A natural bench, perfect for resting!
What a lovely trip, I would recommend the Verandah Resort. The staff are SO friendly and the quality of the resort, food and drink were all excellent.

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My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Awesome vacation!
Welocme home. (((hugs)))Pat