Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vacation Socks

When I travel, I have to take knitting. There are so many times when you are sitting around waiting.... at the airport, now that we all have to be there hours before departure, and on the plane, waiting to GET there. Usually I take socks, because they take so little space in your carry-on, and you don't end up poking your neighbours in the oh so skinny seats on the plane. Full size needles are too long for today's planes (unless you indulge in first class seats!) I had the striped socks almost done (just the toe of the second left to do), so I finished those really quick, and started the second random died green socks on the way down. I finished the last of the greenies the afternoon after I arrived home, while I caught up on my DVR'd Coronation Street episodes!
Now I am back to the mohair lace top... also almost done, and I will be posting that new pattern before the weekend (good to be back!).

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