Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dragon Vase - Wet Felting Art

This piece stands 2 feet high and uses wet felting, sewing, and bead work. I call it a Dragon Vase, but it certainly won't hold water! I think I was influenced by reading the Game of Thrones series of books, where there is a fascinating dragon plot line...
The body of the vase is wet felt in one piece around a bubble wrap resist.
There are wet felt spikes and balls, including a white center - black outside ball that I cut in half after felting and drying. Large balls support the bottom, like feet, to keep it really steady.
There are dragon scale beads on the back end, and large crystal beads at the neck that peak through slashes in the fabric (the slashes also show the various colour layers that make up the vase.

The overall pebble texture make it look a bit like pottery, but touch it and it is as soft as a lamb!

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