Saturday, March 3, 2012

Felting a Vase

I wanted to do an art piece. I thought a vase may be interesting. It's an abstract shape and about 2 feet high (started about 3.5 feet high before felting). This is wet felting around a template, all sides worked at once. It was a tremendous amount of vigorous manipulation and I am exhausted and sweaty (I need a cold beer!).
I have plans to add details to the outside, like spikes and balls and crystal beads peeking out of slashes in the fabric. Sounds cool right?
But that will wait for tomorrow at least. I need it to dry now, and it is a whopping 10 layers of roving, so it could take a long while!
More photos to follow. If it turns out anywhere like the image in my scattered brain, I will be entering it into a local art contest.... wrinkly fingers crossed (hours of hands in hot soapy water will do that!)

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