Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blue Ribbon Cowl Neck

Blue Ribbon Cowl Neck

Yarn:  SRK Sari , 50gms = 95 meters,  12 balls  (or a chunky ribbon that knits to gauge)
Gauge: 14 sts and 20 rows = 4 inches on 7mm needles.
Needles: 7mm for body, and 7 and 10 mm short (16 inches)circulars for the cowl neck.
Size: Medium, fits bust 36 – 42.  This yarn is VERY stretchy and is designed to stretch to fit.
Back: Cast on 55 sts.  Work in knit 1, purl 1 ribbing for 4 inches.  Increase 7 sts in the last row and change to stocking stitch.  Work until length is 14 inches from start.  Cast off 4 at the start of next two rows for armholes.  Work even until total length is 23 inches.  Cast off all sts.

Front: Work the same until the cast off for armhole is done.  Work until 3 inches below back length.   With right side facing, Knit 23, cast off center 8, knit last 23.  Working both sides at once (attach another ball of yarn to the first side) Work in stocking stitch, decreasing one each NECK edge on the right side only five times (18 sts on each side left.)  Work even until same length as back and cast off remaining sts.
Sleeves:  Cast on 30 sts, work in knit 1, purl 1 ribbing for 3 inches.  Increase 2 sts on last row, and change to stocking stitch.  Increase 1 stitch each side every 6th row until 52 stitches.  Work even until the sleeve is 16 inches long.  Cast off all stitches, and make another sleeve.
Sew shoulders, and with short 7mm circulars , pick up 70 stitches evenly around the neck opening.  Work in knit 1, purl 1 ribbing for 5 inches.  Change to 10 mm circulars and continue in ribbing for 6 MORE inches.  Cast off all sts VERY loosely.
Sew sleeves in the armhole opening, sew sleeve and side seams.


Anonymous said...

Could this sweater be made with any bulky weight yarn (not ribbon yarn) that can get gauge? I'm thinking of Homespun or Wool Ease Chunky for example.

chris said...

absolutely, just check gauge.

PKyle said...

Please post another photo. It's hard to see your work because of the shadow on this one. Thanks.

chris said...

ahhh, unfortunately, as with many of my knits, I have long since gifted it away! The top photo shows the stitch detail best.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't you have taken a better photo of it on the person? Too dark, couldn't see a thing...

chris said...

yup... i have been told this already in the comments, and regret that it is gone, and I cannot make another photo. The one on the floor shows the details.

sorry to disappoint yet another reader.


Amy said...

For the sleeves, do i use the straight needles or circular needles.

chris said...

Hi Amy, I only used a short circular needle for the big cowl collar. The other pieces were knit flat and seamed at the end.
Cheers, Chris

Brenda Dodd said...

Hi Chris Just stumbled onto your site tonight looking for a fresh pattern and I like this sweater with the cowl neck. I'm still fairly new to knitting,
I am wondering however what szi this is. As I would like to knit in my size of 2XL. I always like to practice on me first then If I did it correctly I would then make another for a family member for BD's. Hope you can help me out. my email is
Thanks in advance,
Brenda Dodd

chris said...

Hi Brenda, this one is about 38 inches around the chest after blocking (without stretching), but it is a very stretchy yarn. If you want it larger, add 2 stitches to the front and to the back for every inch larger that you want to make it! A bit of math, but it should work out. Cast off one or two more at the neck edge too for every size bigger, and your sleeve will also need to have a few more stitches. Unfortunately this one was written before I changed to writing multiple sizes, and the yarn is no longer available so it may be a bit risky to try. Sorry.

Unknown said...

Came across as I am looking for a quick and easy project and I have to say this is a very useful pattern and it is so very nice of you to share it for free!
I am really sad to see some people are so negative and do not appreciate your effort!

Thank you for sharing!

chris said...

Cheers, Nona, thanks

KermitTheKitty said...

I'm not sure that I understand these instructions regarding finishing the front of the sweater:

"Working both sides at once (attach another ball of yarn to the first side) Work in stocking stitch, decreasing one each NECK edge on the right side only five times (18 sts on each side left.) Work even until same length as back and cast off remaining sts."

Is this to make the cowl neck of the sweater?

chris said...

The neck shaping, involves decreases at the neck edge... to make a round neck opening on the front.
After you finish the front, you sew the shoulders, then pick up stitches all around the neck opening, then work the cowl up from there for 5 inches. That part is the cowl.
Hope that helps picture what you are working on. Shaping the neckline is fairly routine, but not for a beginner knitter. You may need an experienced knitter to help with that part.
Cheers, Chris