Monday, March 24, 2014

HI-LO Poncho

Hi - Lo Poncho

 I made this one twice, a cute chunky poncho with keyhole neckline, and collar and mini sleeves to keep it in place.  The first is an incredibly extravagant beauty, made with Colinette Point Five yarn.  At full price and 6 skeins, it would cost over $150 (US), plus taxes and shipping.  I was fortunate enough to find it and get it to me for just under $100.  Still a treat for sure!  Shown in blue mix above.
I love the pattern, but thought it may be worthwhile trying to duplicate it in a wonderful value yarn, like Lion Brand Hometown. Shown in Pink mix above.  Six skeins of this cost $24 (US) plus taxes.  Quite a difference, and still a lovely poncho!
Your choice, go Hi or go Lo, but go poncho.  It is a fast knit and great for these transitional season days.

Sizes:  Small,[ Medium, Large. ] A loose fit should fit most.
Yarn:  Colinette Point Five,  6 [6, 7]skeins.  *** OR *** Lion Brand Hometown USA, 6 [6, 7] skeins
Gauge:  7 sts = 4”
Needles: 10mm (US 15) circular needles  (24 “ max)

Body of Poncho (work 2 pieces the same)
Cast on 28[31, 34] sts.  Knit four rows  (garter stitch)
Next row (right side),  Knit all stitches.
Wrong side row:  Knit 3, purl to last 3 sts, knit 3.
Repeat last two rows until 29”[ 31”, 33”] worked, then garter stitch next four rows.  Cast off all stitches.
Checking out photos, sew short end of one rectangle to long side of other.  Fold like photos and sew other short side to last long side, creating a poncho with v-neck front and back.
Mark with safety pins 2 inches each side of each “V”.  This is the space to be left for “keyhole”.
At one pin, start picking up neck stitches, 28 along one side until next pin, then turn and cast on 2 sts over the keyhole gap, continue to pick up 28 more sts until next pin, and cast on 2 over second gap.  Closing the circle start to knit around the neckline, in K1, P1, ribbing.  Work for two rows, then on third row, cast OFF the last two stitches of the round (over the keyhole that will be the front.)
Now work the rest of the collar, back and forth (NOT in the round) continuing the ribbing for about3 more inches.  Cast off loosely.
Fold the poncho, and mark center of “shoulder line”.  Measure 8 inches down both sides and place two safety pins.  Working between the 16”, pick up 30 stitches, and work in K1, P1 ribbing for 4 inches.  Cast off loosely.  Sew bottom edges of mini-sleeve.

 Mark the "V" for the keyhole.  It makes the collar more round!
 Hi - lo, anyway you go, the perfect poncho.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Love it!
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love this poncho! Thank you for the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Love this poncho. I've put the two I made on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

I like this a lot!!! Especially because of the different types of yarn that can be used.

Carol said...

Awesome pattern! Are there measurements for what constitutes Small,Medium, and Large?

chris said...

No real measurements, since it does not fit to the body, but loosely based on small 34 - 36 chest, medium 38 - 40 , and large 42 to 44....
hope that helps