Sunday, January 13, 2008

Colinette Tagliatelli Cardigan - free pattern

Colinette Cardigan.

This striping, rib design came from a concern that I did not have enough Tagliatelli to complete a cardigan, (only four balls left at the LYS, but one coordinating Zanziba- hmmm). I like the subtle effect of the yarn stripes, and the textural change from one to the other.
Finished measurement: Chest 37 inches, length 23 inches.

Yarns: 4 skeins of Tagliatelli (mist) 100 gm, 145 m per skein.
1 skein Zanziba (Gauguin) 100 gm, 100 m per skein.
Coordinating solid chunky wool (used Briggs and Little chunky in mauve from stash).
Needles: 8mm straight and 6mm circular for ribbing.
Pattern notes: Stripe pattern- change yarns for horizontal stripes, 6 rows of tagliatelli and 2 rows of zanziba. Stitch pattern-right side: p1,[k4,p1] repeat to end, wrong side: k1,[p4,k1] repeat to end.

Back: With large needles and tagliatelli yarn, cast on 50.
Right side bottom rib: p1,[k3, p2] nine times, k3, p1
Wrong side: k1, p3, [k2, p3] nine times, k1.
Repeat these two rows with tagliatelli yarn only for 3 inches.
Change to body pattern: p1, [k4, p1] nine times, k3, kfb (knit in front and back of last st)
Row 2 (WS) k1, [p4, k1] ten times.  Row 3: p1[k4, p1] ten times
Work rows 2 and 3,  for 23 inches (no shaping) ****but change yarns as note above, starting after 6 rows of tag’, switch to 2 rows of zan’, then repeat, maintaining the body four by one rib throughout. Bind off with tag’ after 23 inches total length.

Right Front: Cast on 25 with Tagliatelli and 8 mm needles. K5 place marker, [k3, p2] four times. Row 2, [k2, p3] four times, slip marker, k5.
Lower rib as established, with 5 stitch garter stitch detail at front opening, work for 3 inches.
Change to body pattern (using the striping of the yarns) row 1: garter stitch first 5 sts, [k4,p1] across, row 2: [k1,p4] four times, garter (knit) last 5 sts.
Work these 2 rows and change yarn as the back until 12 inches from start.
Decreasing for V-neck: (RS) K5 , k2together, continue to end in pattern.
Repeat this decrease row every 4th row, placing the decrease AFTER the garter detail.
When there are 15 sts on needle, work even again until length matches back. Bind off all sts.

Left Front: Cast on 25 sts, and start lower rib: [p2, k3] four times, place marker, k5
Row 2: k5, slip marker, [p3, k2] four times.
Repeat for 3 inches and change to body rib and stripe, maintaining garter band detail on the front edge side. Work for 12 inches, and start decrease row as follows:
(RS) [p1,k4] three times, p1, k2, k2together, slip marker, k5.
Repeat this decrease to match right front, every 4 rows, until 15 sts on needle. Work even until 23 inches, then cast off all.

Sleeve: Cast on 26 sts and start body pattern: p1,[k4,p1] across.
Increase one st each end on every 4th row, until 48 stitches are on the needle. Work even until 15 inches or desired length of sleeve. Bind off all. Make second sleeve.
Finishing: Sew up shoulders. Lying flat open, tack on sleeves, centering sleeve on shoulder seam, and do not stretch either sleeve or body, sew loosely together (allow a bit of stretch). Sew underarm and side of body. *At this point you could leave it alone, as the front edge has a nice rib detail built in.*
Or... you can use the circular needle and contrasting yarn to pick up about 150 stitches around the front, neck and front, and work a k2, p2 rib for 1.5 inches. This will keep the tag’ from stretching out and allow a firm edge to pin together with decorative pin (or you could use buttons and button-holes).


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Hi - routed to you through Knitting Pattern Central - GORGEOUS sweater!!!!

chris said...

Thanks 'gurrrrl! Lots more to come, stop by again. I am addicted to incredible yarns, so they often end up gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I have been looking everywhere for a pattern using not-quite-enough Tagliatelli. Can't wait to get started!