Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yarn That Appears in the Mail (a.k.a: Joy in a Box)

The Sock yarn arrived! My Knitting Group are going to dye them in a few weeks (photos will happen!). You can see in the photo, peeking through from the bottom of the box some burgundy Esprit from elann, a cotton stretch yarn that I love for summer wear.... Design to be worked out as the weather gets warmer. I also got the new Vogue Knitting winter magazine, and found this amazing cardigan / jacket. WOW. I happen to have in my stash, waiting for the perfect (deserving) pattern, and this may be it. The yarn is Ram Wool's Inca Silk, a yarn I have used before and LOVE. I will have to swatch (yes, it's true, I actually swatch to check gauge!)

I have finished the hoody from Son of Stitch and Bitch, here, and it has turned out to be a cute, girly, version of the male hoody, don't you think?

Next project: I have some 100 % silk, from Hand Maiden (Canadian hand-dyed yarns). It is Two Four Silk, worsted weight, knit on 4.5mm needles. The colour is blackberry, a mix of red, purple and blue. At first I thought a loose pullover (drapey), but upon swatching (again, the swatch reference?), and blocking, I found it behaved like many silks and relaxed and became VERY soft. I think it is much better suited for a shawl or wrap than a structured sweater, so the beginnings of a new wrap pattern is in the works.... stay tuned!

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