Sunday, March 9, 2008

Winter Wonderland

It is March. almost spring really, and we have made it through the worst winter storm of the year - of the century- and now there is only the clean up.... Here is Rick, shovelling the driveway, and a photo sent by my favorite Aunt in Ottawa that expresses our sentiments at this point.

ENOUGH already.

On a knitting note, I am almost finished the next project, the Superwash Bamboo vest. Touch and Go if there will be enough yarn for the ribbing to finish it off, but I love a little suspense and have a Plan B if I get snookered.

The yarn dying party with my fellow knitters of the StCG&CC Knitters, will be Tuesday, and I am doing a little preliminary work. First is the winding of the sock yarn to make the self striping socks. It involves winding the sock yarn into a 40 foot loop skein. I use this wonderful peg board originally used for weaving... to make long warp strands. The idea is that you tie it off into 10 foot sections and dye each section a different colour. Photos will follow Wednesday...


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

*LOVE* the finger picture. Its good to have a sense of humor when things get to be too much. For example, our 80°, sunny weather is just starting to give me a headache!

chris said...

OY! Knock off the reference to "too warm"! We are barely hanging on to our sanity in this nasty winter. Seriously, I am envious of you. My brother lives in San Jose, and its nice all the time (yawn).