Friday, June 20, 2008

The eBook Arrived!

I got the email that Sony was shipping the book, and it took one day (courier)... The night I got the email, I went to the Sony Book site, and downloaded the Library Software. It took only a few minutes to install and register and I browsed the titles and made my plan for the order I want to start reading. The next day when I got the book, I charged it up and opened the Library and the program noticed the new book attached and prompted me to register it. Very easy too. Then I went eShopping! I bought 2 items, a short story by Stephen King, ONLY release on the internet, and a collection of mystery books. I was pressed Buy Now and was about to go get a cuppa' tea while I waited - 6 full length books and a short story, must take a while to download - but it was quicker than the last sentence is to type! Seconds!
The Book itself is small and about as heavy as a medium hardcover book. It is easy to find what you wish to read and you can save your place with a bookmark if you are going to another book or just shut it off and it remembers where you were.
The "page" looks like print on white paper, not like a computer screen with white backlit glare. I still get the urge to try to catch the edge to "turn the page", but have managed to learn to press the button and not miss a beat when going to the next page.
All in all a good product and well worth the price. The photo shows my favourite footstool, where I rest my legs after a day of running around at work or walking the 8km hike that is my golf course... my knitting, my ebook and my remote. What more could a girl need?

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