Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Night after Knitting Night.

Here is the photo of an almost finished hoody sweatshirt in Tweed Seta silk from Ram. The Addi Turbos hold the hood stitches that have been picked up from the neckline and knitted up to the top of the head. A few increases along the back of the head create a gentle curve to the back of the hood, and a few decreases at the same center line will curve it back in before binding off all stitches and sewing the top of head seam. I am thinking the classic pouch will still be knit and added in place at the end, as I still have lots of yarn. This yarn goes on forever.

Here is a photo of Susan's latest quilt. The colours pop even more than the photo shows and it is made of many, many, many small squares, all colourful prints in an amazing design. Susan brought it to show the StCG&CC Knitters last night. I love it when our talents spill over past the yarn to other mediums. She does exquisite quilting, does our Susan! Last night we discussed felting techniques, yarn shop sales dates, wedding showers (one last weekend, one in 2 weeks), assorted family doings, and possibility of a 5 day fibre tour (or knitting camp as I want to call it...) That one is still up for further discussion.

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SBS said...

That quilt is beautiful!!!