Sunday, July 6, 2008

Biking on a Summer Day

We were shut out of our usual golf game, a big tournament was scheduled on our course... so we popped the bikes in the backof the Pickup and off we went to the Niagara Parkway Recreational Trail. It is a paved trail that runs along the Niagara Parkway, from Fort Erie, past Niagara Falls and ends at Niagara-on-the-Lake. We parked near Queenston and rode the bikes along the trail into the town of NOTL. Here is a picture of Rick:
And here is a picture of me:

The day was lovely and we locked the bikes and wandered the town looking at all the tourists with their ice creams and cameras. We then stopped for our own ice cream and took it to the part at the mouth of the river. This is where the Niagara river spills out to Lake Ontario, and across the river is Fort Niagara on the USA side:And from the other angle, a 45 degree turn to the left, and zooming across Lake Ontario, was this photo of Toronto. Visible are the office towers and the tall CN tower.
And the last photo is the Quilt Wrap, now about 5 feet long and just over half done! Still enjoying this fuzzy project, although it sheds a bit while knitting, so I change into old T's and shorts before I knit, then have to change again if I am going out again. It looks like I have a shedding multi-coloured cat if I don't change my clothes!

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