Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rain and Robins

It has rained so much this summer, we have broken all the records. I have come to the realization that if I opt out of golf because of rain, I will lose half my rounds! So into the golf bag this year is the best piece of golf equipment I have aquired since I began this game. No not the tight lies club or the new hybrid that is a perfect 125 yds, or even the amazing Wood Hoods. It is the PAIR of rain gloves I reluctantly bought last year after a rainy round and never used again in 2007. They are designed to grip the clubs BETTER when wet and you wear two of them. Seriously, they have allowed me to complete my game with no compromise to my swing due
to wet grips and tight hand clenching that used to follow.. Love the gloves. Here is a photo of our Sunday round at Lionhead in Brampton, a beautiful, top 10 course, green, lush and FULL OF WATER. this is the light rough, just beside the fairway! Look, a new water hazard! Rick and I both "lost" our balls in the fairway of 15. In the middle of the fairway. In "casual water" as they call it, and you get a free drop, but let me tell you, there was NOTHING casual about this water! I had a fun day anyway, as we played with number one son, who we don't see very often and laughed the rain off over beer and pizza and wings afterwards.
Today, when I got home from work this was on my deck railing. How new and sweet he looks. You can barely see the hint of red chest and he was a bit scruffy, just like any young kid!

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