Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birth of a Sweater Pattern

The Noro Blossom has been calling me. I knit my current wrap (almost done now) while staring at the skeins of Noro yarn. I have been dreaming of all the possible destinations for this yarn. Finally, patiently, I have started a swatch. Two reasons, first to check the gauge that this will knit to, and second to see how a 5 inch wide band of stocking stitch will look like. How will the colour changes look, will I get a thicker block of colour before it changes. I think the idea of vertical bands, three thicker (about 5 inches) and 2 separating them of 2.5 inches. The thick bands would be the burgundy mix, and the thinner from the purple mix. (I have 10 balls of burg and 3 of purple). The sweater will be a cunky easyfit pullover, with maybe a cowl neck. Hard to picture wearing this as it has been blistering hot and humid for days, but we have more cold days in the year than hot, so the sweater will be needed all too soon. sigh.

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