Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And Here It Is!

The Blog Book came in the mail today, only 2 weeks from when I thought of doing it, to in my hands. I love this website and service! It is 140 pages of ALL of my blog from 2008. All I added was the cover, intro page and last page to sum up my thoughts for the year. How cool and easy is that?
To make your own Blog Book, you go to Blurb.com and download the book making software, then follow the prompts to "slurp" your blog into it. You then can re-arrange the photos and text to a pleasing design and add a cover and introduction. It took me less than an hour to tidy up the pages (I did not edit anything from the existing blog) and then I uploaded the done book and they print and mail it out! There are SO many ideas and applications for this book making method, I don't think I will scrapbook in the traditional sense anymore! Honestly, these books cost less than I have been spending on scrapbooking, with the albums and pages and photo printing, and the doo-dads. Check it out.

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