Thursday, February 12, 2009

Silk, Wool, Hand dyed

When digging through the stash to post some eBay clearances, I found this...

Beautiful, Silken Twist, from Yarns Plus. It is 227 grams of 30% silk, 50% wool and 20%nylon in natural. I picked this huge skein up at the Knitters Fair in Kitchener in September, and had planned to dye it and knit something, I don't know, fabulous.

So here is the dying baths, denim blue, royal blue and teal.

And here is the skein, still drying.

Not sure yet what it will become, but I will swatch it to see how it feels and drapes and make a choice from there. I think there is enough yardage (874) to make any style of garment I feel like. I think it is a fine sport weight (3.5mm needles?) and will try that first.

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